Abby and Brittany Hensel Engaged

Much has been said and written about Abby and Brittany Hensel. In breaking news they/she have/has been engaged. Much information is available about their anatomical peculiarities; in short they have two heads, two faces and two spines which merge at pelvis. Meaning the twins has one bladder, one vagina and one urethra. As the news of Abby and Brittany Hensel being engaged has hit the headlines, everybody is wishing them well for their married life. They have definitely come a long way and nobody would ever be able to say that their shortcoming has made them crippled or handicapped and in any way and obviously their engagement is another proof of their courage in the face of adversity.

Let’s face the question which everyone has in the back of his mind and perhaps do not want to ask publicly. What about sex? The twins have two brains so both the brains would be engaged in the act? What about the feeling, would both brains would equally feel about what’s going on? It’s anatomically not possible that two totally different brains feel exactly the same. If not, it further opens a Pandora box of questions. How Abby would stand Brittany Hansel observing all what’s happening and vice versa? O.K lets pass on, the twins have fully developed ovary, meaning that nature has bestowed then with the capability to reproduce. If they conceive, who would exactly be the mother Abby or Brittany? What about the law. There is nothing such as Abby and Brittany’s case in the books.

Only time will answer. Meanwhile best of luck and wishes for the life ahead.