Addison’s Disease

“Fight or Flight Response “refers to the condition when someone is faced with a situation requiring an immediate decision on the part of the subject whether to tackle the situation head on or flee, as in the case of animals, when they are suddenly confronted with a predator. We are all familiar with the response as when we are facing a job interviewer, heart starts thumping, palms sweat and body parts start shaking involuntarily. The major factor behind all these reactions is the release of adrenalin or epinephrine from Adrenal Glands. Addison”s disease refers to a condition of decreased secretion of Adrenal Hormones.

Adrenal Glands are located on both kidneys and the hormone secretion from the glands control a wide variety of physiological functions in human body. A person with Addison”s disease is unable to produce Adrenal Hormones in sufficient quantities. The disease can have genetic roots or it may be caused by some disease interfering with the secretion of hormones from the glands.

The action of cortisol – adrenal hormone is well familiar to us in the form of “Adrenaline Rush” that comes with the adventures of intense nature. It is interesting to note that the coffee produces its wakening and refreshing effects by inducing the release of cortisol.

“Mountain Dew (trademark)” is so thrilling because it has little more caffeine than other colas. Caffeine is the same molecule that makes coffee and tea refreshing.

Given all the hype about cholesterol it is noteworthy that adrenal secretions work by converting cholesterol to steroids.