BJ’s Wholesale Club Locations

BJ’s Wholesale Club is one of the largest retails chain stores in United States of America. It’s commonly referred to as BJ’s and is a membership-only retail store where only the members are entitled to shop. It has been ranked no. 269 in the list of America’s 500 largest public corporations by Fortune Magazine in 2009.

The retail store was started by a discount departmental store named Zayre in Massachusetts in year 1984. The B and J of the store’s name are taken from Beverly Jean, a daughter of one of the store’s founders. The retails store has more than 182 different clubs at different location in 16 states and has employment strength of more than 22,000 team members.

BJ’s Wholesale Club sales a wide variety of items ranging from technical equipments to electronic gadgets, from office furniture to sports equipment, from toys to seasonal gifts, from baby accessories to health and beauty products. It offers a variety of benefits to its members too. The members get discounts at BJ’s home brands. It also offers special services to its members such as gas and propane filling, car rentals, and vacation packages. It also gives food stamps to its members. The club also publishes and issues bi-monthly list of new arrivals at the stores.

BJ’s Wholesale Club has more than 182 clubs at different locations in East Coast states. The most famous ones are the clubs at Manchester, Stratford, Torrington, and Fairfield in Connecticut, Woodstock at Georgia, East Rutherford and Flemington in New Jersey, Baltimore, Westminster, and Lexington Park in Maryland, Fort Myers, Tampa, Orange Park, Melbourne, and Miami Lakes in Florida, and Alexandria, Richmond, and Hampton in Virginia.

One of the major competitors of BJ’s Wholesale Club is Sam’s Club and Costco. Recently a sales report was released by BJ’s. Unlike its competitors, BJ’s wholesale club’s sale has increased this month by 3.5% and has reached to $764.7 million. The club representative told the press that the retail chain store has made greater profit this year as compared to last year. The profit results were declared at the end of this October.