Caster Semenya Makeover

Caster semenya makeover slaps on the faces of critics, who tried to prove her as a man, what a non sense! Out of all critics, she becomes the cover girl of a South African magazine.

Well, issues scandals, critics are always there and will be there in sports and showbiz, but this critic was of its own kind.

Caster Semenya an18-year-old athlete from South Africa, when she enters the run, no one”s eyes were on her, but when she won800 m with time of 1:56.72 and 1500 m with 4:08.01 at the 2009 African Junior Championships, the people start criticism on her that she is a man and not a woman.

Her success was overshadowed by the controversy created in the athlete championship in Berlin. The International Association of athlete Federation announced that semenya has to undergo physical examination and gender test to identify her gender to clarify their doubts about Caster Semenya. Such kind of allegation never happened in the entire history of athletes that a runner been asked to go through gender test. I don”t think that a gold medal champion in running competition can get more affronts and disgrace then this. The people involved in originating this act must be shameful on this disgraceful act.

The fastest runner puts off her track suits and dressed in fashionable black dress, with jewelry, lipstick and makeover. She looks stunning as the cover girl of this South African Magazine.

The most encouraging aspect is that she is happier that she enjoyed while dressing and photo shot rather then letting the people know that she is a woman not a man and she aimed to do more if she would have more time.
The You magazine with the complete makeover picture of Semenya conclude the critics and gave them a shut up call she looks eye-catching in her new fashioned look.


Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya



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