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Constant deficiency of Vitamin D causes a disease called “Rickets”. Bow legs are the most common damage which is done by this disease. This disease is going to become a danger sign to the residents of the United Kin Continue reading


All the New yr’s resolutions burst, & among the most fashionable one is the age old slim down proverb. However how many of an individuals in reality keep that promise, is quite a different resolute. Within itself. T Continue reading


Eclampsia is a complex condition during pregnancy which may pose danger to life. The conditions can be recognized when Tonic-Clonic Seizures appear in the pregnant woman. The “Tonic-Clonic seizers” is a condition wh Continue reading


Xerostomia refers to the excessively dry mouth. In fact the salivary system is an elaborate protective mechanism designed by the nature. You may have heard the claims that AIDS or HIV virus does not spread through o Continue reading


Usually the high cholesterol levels are associated with Heart diseases and atherosclerosis, however elevated cholesterol levels manifests in many other ways also. One of its manifestation is “Xanthomas”. Xanthomas a Continue reading