Radiation Therapist

The Radiation therapy is accustomed to addressing the disease of cancer within the human body. As part of a medical radiation on-cology team up, the radiation therapists apply some high powered machines known as the

Shy Drager Disease

Shy Drager Disease, a disease that causes a progressive deterioration of the middle and autonomic nervous system. Shy Drager Disease was first described by Dr. Milton Shy and Dr. Glen Drager back in 1960. The new re

Cardiac Arrest

According to recent reports Brittney Murphy the shiny star of Hollywood skies died of cardiac arrest. The news that Brittney Murphy has died due to cardiac arrest has been confirmed by the Sinai Medical Centre spoke


A new research has been published on Leptin, the energy intake and spending regulatory Harmon in the body. The research based on around 200 people revealed that the people with low level of Leptin in the body are ha

Symptoms of a Sociopath

Symptoms of a sociopath include wide paraphernalia of behaviors arising from the disregard of the others rights, emotions or expectations. The symptoms may be as ordinary as lying or they may be complex ones such as

Nathan Elfrink

Nathan Elfrink, a brave young boy from West Jeferson battling with terminal brain cancer is going through the final stages of cancer. Nathan Elfrank is 7 year old and Nathan Elfrink was diagnosed with a brain tumor


Preeclampsia is a disorder during pregnancy or right after it. The signs of the disorder include high blood pressure coupled with protein in the urine. There is no single reason responsible for the disorder. That’s

Pink Glove Video

Breast cancer is a lethal disease which takes a huge number of women in to its clutches every year. In order to enhance awareness and raise funds for the betterment of breast cancer patients, a unique idea was emplo

Delusional Disorder

Elizabeth Smart was just 14 when she was abducted by the self proclaimed prophet of god – Brian David Mitchell. Mitchell married Smart in a religious ceremony and then raped her. He was caught in 2003 after nine mon

Fentanyl Lollipop

Drug addicts always try to explore new ways of intoxication to fulfill their pleasure seeking desire. Law enforcement agencies are having trouble in rooting out the menace of drug addiction because many seemingly in