Tennessee Election Results

The Tennessee elections have been finished and now the people are waiting to see the Tennessee election results. The news from the Tennessee election results is that Mill Haslam is now 1 step

Honey Fitz Yacht

John F. Kennedy named the Presidential yacht as “Honey Fitz Yacht”, after being elected as President of the United States of America; he named the yacht “Honey Fits Yacht” in honour of his


Michele Bachmann response towards President’s Obama’s speech referring towards the State of the Union’s that was conducted on Tuesday’s night was officially covered by quite

Brown Wins

Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown will accept a United States Senate seat at one time held on by the belated Senator T. Kennedy, the very 1st time GO-Pers have in reality, controlled the seat within to a great

Jim Webb

Jim Webb (Democrat from the state of Virginia) responded to the victory of Republicans in Massachusetts and called to the leaders of the Senate to postpone the voting on the legislation of health care bill presented

Tariq Aziz

Tariq Aziz is the name of Iraq’s quondam deputy prime minister. Tariq Aziz has been hospitalized after having a dangerous stroke. Ziad Tariq, the son of Tariq Aziz told that his begetter had lost the power to talk


The Capital of the United States of America, Washington, D.C’s. Circuit appeals court came forth with a ruling on Tues that preserves the G. W. Bush administration’s all-encompassing arrogates of the executive power