Charla Nash Injury Photos

Charla Nash Injury Photos are already available everywhere on the internet. Now the Chimpanzee attacks have taken another twist. The family of Charla Nash is getting ready to sue the department of environmental protection for a worth of $150 million for not providing the sufficient safety information.

It has been reported that they filed a requested to the State Office of Commissioner for Claims for the permission to file a case against the Department of Environmental protection by addressing the point that the department of Environmental protection failed to provide the complete serious information regarding the safety from animals like Chimpanzee.

It has also been reported that a biologist of department of environmental protection has informed the state office regarding the habits and danger animals like Chimpanzee pose.

The spokesman of Department of Environmental protection told that they haven’t received any document form the court or the state commissioner’s office but that they are ready to cooperate in this regard with the state office and the court.

Charla is the lady who was attacked by her friend’s Chimpanzee. She was trying to help her friend to bring the Chimpanzee from the road but he didn’t like it at all and he attacked her and injured her nose, eyes, face and hand very seriously. She is in stable condition but she has no nose to breathe and she is using artificial breathing system.

The 200 pound Chimpanzee was shot dead by the police on arrival but he had done the maximum damage to Charla.

Charla Nash Injury Photos