Craig Ferguson Tattoo

It was on the advice of tattoo artist that Craig Ferguson has even number of tattoos on his arm, the standing comedian / actor remarked as he was talking about his recent autobiography “American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot” He was and witty as he led his audience through some of the darkest spots in his life. He is living example of a person who has struggled and won the battle of life against all odds and who has to snatch his fair share from the demons of his drugs habit and life events.

Like Craig Ferguson himself the book couldn”t have started on a serious note than Craig Ferguson eyeing Laura Bush”s undies which he remarks were big! He is said to have remarked that the Bush”s regime is better for nothing except of course comedy.

He views memoirs as way of spitting out everything that has been boiling inside. It frees the energy locked in the memories of traumas. About his comedy style he says that one cannot make others laugh until he does not possess the capability of laughing on oneself.

About the tattoos he says that it is his way of getting himself to feel that he is a free spirit and not bound.

Late Show Craig Ferguson
Late Show Craig Ferguson