Delimar Vera Where is She Now?

The mother got her daughter back after six years. The mother and other authorities had come to the conclusion that the house on fire had burnt the child with itself. The newly born infant, Delimar Vera was sleeping in her bedroom when the house caught fire on December 15, 1997. When there was smoke and fire all over the house, her mother, Luz Cuevas, rushed to her daughter’s bedroom but she couldn’t find her. She couldn’t prolong her search further due to intense heat and smoke and eventually got out of the house.

Her other two children survived. But nobody could find any of her remains in the debris or ash. They came to the conclusion that the body of the child was entirely consumed in the fire due to very high temperature. But the heart of the mother was prompting her that she is not dead. In February 2004, the mother was in a birth-day party where she was stunned by the striking resemblance of a girl with her other children. The mother succeeded in obtaining little hair from her head with the pretext she wanted to remove bubble gum from the child’s hair. She got the hair samples tested and DNA results revealed that she was actually her daughter.

According to police, the child was actually kidnapped by Carrolyn Correa, a woman who resided at the outskirts of Philadelphia. She herself ignited the fire in the room and kidnapped the baby girl. But before the DNA results were confirmed, she had run away and is still at large. Correa had met Cuevas on that day and she told that she had forgotten her bag upstairs. When the mother was told by the officials that the girl is actually her daughter, she couldn’t believe and was very emotional and overjoyed. She went on crying and said, “‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,”.

Delimar Vera