Droid vs. iPhone

First things first, both the phones would put almost equal burden on your pocket, so which one is better return for your money? First of all the features both phone share are, Wi Fi, GPS and voice commands. The difference starts with the operating system on both the cell phones. Droid has most recent Google”s Android 2.0, even the title droid seems to be a derivative of Android. In my view Android 2.0 is itself a reason to go for Motorola Droid. When it comes to GPS Motorola Droid also has the latest version of Google maps. People who are interested in photography would find Droid much ahead in picture capturing capabilities than iPhone. Droid has 5 mega pixels camera while that of iPhone”s is 3.00 M.P. Droid also have low light or night shooting capabilities. Droid comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard that makes typing a lot easier. Droid is also a winner when it comes to battery timing. Coming to screens, iPhone became popular for its large interface, Droid having almost the same screen area employs more pixels making the pictures clearer than iPhone.

Perhaps the best thing that Android software has done is to equip the phone with multitasking capability, iPhone is clear loser in this field as it can handle a single task at a time. And obviously Android 2.0 is open source software. Anyone around the world can develop widgets around it. It would not be too late that we see a lot of applications available to be integrated with Motorola / Verizon Droid. ITunes were touted as the secret weapon of iPhone. With Google”s Onebox arriving I think the weapon has been blunted.

Droid Motorola
Droid Motorola