Eppicard is an electronic money transfer card, used by several states to make payments to citizens for a range of purpose. Instead of mailing a benefit confirmation, for instance, the state might simply deposit money in the citizen’s Eppicard account. The card can be used like a credit card at trade sites, and at ATMs.

The Eppicard was brought in by the USA government to get rid of the use of paper checks in the child assistance atmosphere. With the creation of the Eppicard things have updated. It’s simple to use and instead of getting a physical check the government will top up your Eppicard for the accurate amount. Eppicard can be used on ATM to withdraw the hard cash or just can be used like any ordinary credit card to purchase goods.

Checks will finally withdraw regularly not at home and be taken done by the Eppicard, the modern way of getting state payments for youngster support. This up to date type of imbursement will be conventional swiftly and instantly from the state on a monthly basis.

This system has become a more convenient mode of moving funds around the system. Card holder can log onto www.eppicard.com to find out existing balance. A number of different states are presented when someone enter the website. After selecting the state where the card holder is living, login using the section on the left. It will then give information and balance existing on Eppicard. The online ATM Locator can be used in case the card has been stolen or lost.



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