Falcon Heene

FORT COLLINS, Colorado—Desperate times came with desperate measures….Thursday, was a desperate day for Richard Heene and his family, when a homemade helium balloon broke loose from their home premises, with their 6-year-old boy “Falon Heene”…at-least that”s what they thought at the time.

Falcon Heene may be safe in his parents” arms now, but he surely generated a lot of annoyance at the time not only to his parents but to the Police Department and even Colorado National Guard”s Col. Chris Petty was preparing himself to board the rescue helicopter, what can be a rescue attempt.

Situation got more desperate when Falcon Heene”s 9-year-old brother Ryo insisted that “Falcon” is in a box suspended underneath the football shaped helium balloon.

The balloon floated for nearly three hours and 80 kilometers through Colorado before landing on the ground. But there was no sign of Falcon inside. He was found hiding in a cardboard box at home.

Richard Heene, the father of the boy said he was shouting for Falcon , meanwhile the balloon flew through the air and the father thought that falcon is inside, whereas falcon hide himself in the upper floor because of the fear that he was going to get into trouble.

Family was not sure that if Falcon was in the balloon and Mr. Richard Heene would not answer the question that how it was released and the boy went to hide himself in the attic as he explained that he was scared of his father .

Richard Heene is a storm chaser, basically but in his free time he uses to perform some experiments and tries to make devices and in his friends and acquaintances, he is known as a” mad scientist “, and his neighbor said this is a great family but they are not usual people at all.

Falcon Heene




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