Hayden Kho Brazilian Model Scandal

Hayden Kho Brazilian Model Scandal hit the street of internet once again, but this time many of the TV celebs are involved in the scandal.

Reports signify that Dr. Hayden Kho took approximately 40 sex videos of the women he has been dating with for past many years. The sex videos involve many celebrities too including his current girlfriend a former beauty queen and television actress Vicki Bello.

Hayden Kho Brazilian Model Scandal is in front of the world and Kho has lot of explaining to do. It was a distressed and touching time for Katrina Halili because Kho the ex-lover of Halili also have the tape for Halili intimate moments with him caught on tap.

Whereas Dr. Hyden Kho said that he is not going to make any statement on the video recordings, but he also said that he is apologize for the damage he made to other people, continuing his speech he said that as a professional he has suspended himself from medicine practice and he will be attending the professional consultant since December.

Reporters discovered that more video scandals will be released soon involving Kho. Dr. Hayden Kho Brazilian model Scandal is one of the scandals yet to be revealed in front of the world. The NBI has already call upon both Kho and Vicki Belo to explain the video scandals.