Hoia Baciu Forest

Hoia Baciu Forest-forest of Romania, famous for deadly features and ghostly appearing figures and Josh Gates, the host of the reality show “Destination Truth” is going to explore the Hoia Baciu Forest, in the third season SyFy premier of “Destination Truth” called “Haunted Forest, on sep, 9 2009. In this episode, Ghost Hunters will join Josh and his team to investigate paranormal activity in the Hoia Baciu woods of Romania. The area is also called as The Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania.

Josh Gates and his Destination Truth team have formerly travelled around the world for two seasons to explore supernatural peculiarities, moving towards their mission to expose the reality behind more mysterious secrets. Local authorities claim that this forest is home to numerous appearances of shadows and momentary beams of light. The most fascinating and shocking thing was the presence of presence of a “crop circle” in the forest, a mysteriously sparse piece of land destitute of the thick vegetation that surrounds it. The cameraman was hardly rescued by team, when he is knocked to the ground in the crop circle by an invisible power. These things have been experienced by the local residents for at least five decades.

This is very interesting reality TV show that has captured the attention of those who are interested in supernatural powers and their presence in the world because human beings are enough to scare each so no need to be scared of theses mysterious things. In the next episode, the team moves towards the Yucatán to explore the secret of the Alux, a pygmy like creature described by Maya people.

Baciu seen from Hoia forest
Baciu seen from Hoia forest



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