Hugh Jackman Cell Phone

Just imagine, you are performing a stage performance. You are in the middle of a very serious scene with intense expressions on your face and suddenly a phone bell rings in the audience. What would be your reaction? You probably want to go in the audience and ask that person to leave the audience and dot he scene again. Right? Well, this is exactly what happened at a Broadway production when Hugh Jackman was in the middle of his intense dialogue when suddenly a cell phone rang in the audience. Hugh Jackman, who was extremely annoyed at the situation, protested against it and asked the audience member, ‘You want to get that?”

Hugh Jackman, who was performing the character of a Chicago Policeman, was interrupted with a phone bell when he was speaking of his memories with an intense, serious expression on his face. He couldn”t bear with the interruption and protested against it. He addressed that audience member in the same Chicago accent of his character. When the phone rang again he said, ‘“Come on, just turn it off…Unless you”ve got a better story. You want to get up and tell your stories?” Jackman was clearly very annoyed at the situation.

Hugh Jackman was performing in the Broadway production titled The Steady Rain. In past too, such events have caused extreme disruption during theatrical performances. Though audiences are asked to switch off their cell phones before the entrance into the theater, some do not listen to this instruction at all. In 2005, during a theatrical performance a lady”s cell phone rang and the actor Richard Griffiths asked her to leave the theater.

Hugh Jackman Cell Phone
Hugh Jackman Cell Phone




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