Johntv.Com Uncut Videos is an open-minded site which is operated without any prejudice against prostitution and does not have any formal agenda to target it. is an advocate of eradication of the nuisance of prostitution. The website has the faith that it is the “prostitution” which is to blame and not the “prostitutes” because the profession is the real exploitation and infringement of women rights. The website has the objectives to pursue e.g. to develop awareness of the people and to acquaint them with actual realities of prostitution with the help of video recordings, and to reveal those people who indulge women in to drug addiction and then trap them in the profession of prostitution.

The website has the objective to use and apply deterrence theory to show the videos of those criminals who were later on arrested and humiliated in press and other media. Not only this, one more goal of the website is to expose elements within the government authorities and politicians who protect such criminals either deliberately or by negligence.

The prime goal of the website “” is to combat the menace of prostitution and provide a viable solution to counter it and to mobilize people effectively convince leaders and government officials to amend laws and policies which are meant to reforms rather than exasperation of the issue of prostitution by imprisonment of prostitutes.

To introduce the idea of handling the profession by 100% consent of the woman rather than compulsion, addiction and black-mail.