LG Projector

LG has joined the cell phones race with the introduction of its new LG Projector Phone. The idea behind a projector phone is to watch movies using a simple device, on the big screen. Obviously LG is marketing its Projector phone as a device that can be used by manager s to show presentations in a conference room.

LG projector phone is being named as Expo. The phone runs Windows Mobile on a 1 Gig processor. Presumably the phone comes as a breeze of fresh air for ailing Microsoft. With so many Androids around, it is yet to be seen, how the phone is received by the market.

As with every Microsoft product Windows mobile is as much unreliable as it can be. However 1 Gig processor is a definite plus point and the speed with which the applications are opened on the phone is good. The built is pretty obviously looks like Apple’s iPhone and even the icons have some similarity to that of iPhone icons.

Tech gurus remain concerned with the platform that LG Projector phone uses that is Windows Mobile.

LG Projector phone employs sliding QWERTY keyboard. LG has definitely learned a thing or two from the success of Droid Phones.

To convert the phone into projector, you would have to remove the back cove and fit in the projector unit. As the lens cover is lifted the projector mode comes into action. The initial pricing of the projector phone is set at $300. Though the projector obviously is not at par with the professional projector, it definitely performs the job well.