Los Zetas Execution Video

One of the reasons, children should be monitored while on internet! The video is brutal execution of a man by a Mexican group called “Los Zetas”. The rumors are that the group in some way is connected with the Mexican Army; however I do not believe such claims at all. Any military in the world won’t allow such barbarian act to be filmed and distributed. Moreover watching the video and the environment it is filmed in seems to be work of some drug cartel named Los Zetas.

As the video starts a plump man is seen tied to a steel chair with his arms and hands firmly gripped with a white colored rope. Man is wearing short boxers only. Word Z is prominently written across his chest and at forehead. I do not think any military group would do that. As a matter of fact many words are written over all of his body in Spanish.

The man is seen talking to his captivators which seem to be an interview or confession statement. During the interview a man wearing rubber gloves hits his neck and face many times.

As the interview ends a rope is put in his neck. A man standing behind him inserts some strong rod in the rope. The neck is broken by wounding the rope with the help of the rod. Just as we suspect the man has vomited blood, the video ends abruptly.

The news circling has it that the man was a murderer. Even if that be the case, he should have been tried in the court of law.

Why on earth, the video has been posted on the net?