Meredith Kercher Autopsy Photos

The video posted below shows rare interview with a forensic expert, who explains the cause of death. Reportedly Meredith Kercher’s autopsy photos revealed that she was made to perform a doggy styled sex at a knife point as there were severe wounds on one side of her back. The cause of death seems to be a major big wound on the neck. During the trial it was found that Meredith Kercher was hit with a kitchen knife. The same knife was used to stab Kercher at her neck. The wound caused the inhalation of blood and blood had accumulated in her lungs as per the autopsy of the Meredith Kercher. Close examination of the Meredith Kercher autopsy photos show clear signs of strangulation around the neck. Meredith Kercher’s neck was pressed first with bare hands and then with some rope. Forensic pathologist in the video below is of the view that the strangulation occurred some time before she was stabbed in her neck. The most gruesome aspect of Meredith Kercehr’s death is that she died a very slow painful death, drowning in her own blood. As blood accumulated in the lungs she would have lost the capacity to inhale air.

The second video below the article is in Italian but it clearly shows the view at the time Meredith Kercher’s dead body was discovered. For some seconds you can clearly get the view of the naked body on the bed with T shirt pulled above her breasts and the various evidences of the murder.

Poor Meredith Kercher
Poor Meredith Kercher