Michelle Obama Monkey

“Freedom of speech” should not be too offensive to cross the ethical limits. What else “racism” is? A photo of the first lady depicting first lady as “monkey” is on the web and has grabbed the attention of huge number of web surfers in a prosaic and distasteful manner. But actually the attempt to humiliate the first lady is perceived as a deliberate catering of racist prejudice against the Afro-American Obama and his wife.

The irony of fate is that even Google has declined to remove the photo of the first lady from its search engine. The headline in the website showed the title “Michelle Obama on Jay Leno”: when users type Michelle Obama to search the information regarding her, the first figure that appears is her picture having facial cuts resembling a monkey. So there is great hue and cry from the web surfers who have felt offended on this racist gesture. The protesters are of the view that this photo is backed by utter racist feelings. But Google has refused to rectify the image or remove it from the engine.

The spokesman told if they remove it from Google, it will damage the aspired value of “freedom of speech” “It is offensive to many people, but that alone is not a reason to remove it from our search index,” Google Inc. spokesman Scott Rubin said. The “Michelle Obama monkey Photo” is present on an article called Hot Girls. The blog was generated with the help of a blogger tool whose owner is Google.