Nancy Benoit Hustler Pics

Nancy Benoit was the wife of Chris Benoit who is a wrestler and Hustler Magazine has published her nude photos which are around ten year old pictures. A case has been filed in the federal court against Hustler Magazine that they have no right to publish these photos. In this regards a ruling was on Thursday.

Nancy had killed a young boy with his mom and committed suicide after their murdered around two years back. The 11th Circuit Court remarked on the appeal that it does not mean that an infamous death has given the full rights to any publisher to publish any image they wish and especially if the images have no link with the actual story.

When Larry Flynt Publishing Group published the nude photos of Nancy Benoit last year then her family filed a lawsuit in federal court against that group. It was claimed in the lawsuit that the Nancy was a professional wrestler and a model as well, had requested the photographer to demolish the photos exactly after shooting around 20 years back.

The Magazine officials replied in this regards that we had published a story about whole life and tragic death of Nancy and the photos were the key elements of that extra ordinary story. They further explained that they helped to show the self effacing career beginning of Mrs. Benoit.

In October 2008 a federal judge has ruled in the favor of magazine. Judge dismissed the lawsuit and concluded that if a death is a legal matter of common public concern then magazine has the full rights to publish any image as a part of the death story.



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