Nick Pagan Serial Killer

Nick Pagan is the basic character in the film 1994 “Fatal Vows”. Fatal Vows is based on the true story of Alexandra O Hara. Alexandra is a single mother. She totally fails to recognize the reality beneath the façade of sweetness, when Nick Pagan tells her that he is a cop and the stories of his courage and professionalism. She marries Nick pagan and suddenly the genie comes out of the bottle. Nick Pagan proves to be a serial killer with police on his trail and it is a matter of time before he would be apprehended. Alexandra is put through extreme mental and physical torture. As Alexandra becomes more and more convinced of his reality, she plans to escape from the house.

The plan fails and Nick catches her. The act is enough to enrage him enough to torture Alexandra”s son Rayn before her mother. She avoids contacting police for the safety of her son.

During the film viewers guess that Nick goes out many times to kill people. His activities are becoming more and more of a concern for Alexandra. Police is not ready to believe her. The authorities tell her to contact them if she has some solid proof.

She does not have to wait long, as Nick Pagan”s father is dying in a hospital Nick Pagan goes to the hospital with family. There the details of the relationship between the father and son are revealed and the clues why Nick developed into a serial killer.

Nick hands the gun to Alexandra to kill him as police arrives on the scene. Nick was sentenced for a lifetime in jail.