POLWIZJER is a online service for worldwide Polish community. The services provides entertainment 24 hours , 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It provides unmatchable entertainment. The recent films , cartoons, animated movies all are made available for the viewers. For example the video section holds the following categories. Drama, Action Movie, Comedy, War Film, Video Adventure, Horror, Classics, etc.

The service also features serials and drams and of course an up-to-date news section. For the global viewers wanting to feel at home, the service provides live Polish Channels. Polwizjer is often referred to as the place for hottest news.

Polwizjer is gaining popularity among the global Jewish community very fast . Alexa – the famous website ranking service has estimated that the web traffic for Powizjer has doubled in three months. The website is especially popular among the Polish community in U.S and Australia and claims majority of its traffic from these two origins. Canada and Mexico being the remaining largest users of the service.

The website is registered with Mr.james Polwiser of Horinzon Investments LDC. Given the global dispersement of the Polish community, website traffic is bound to leapfrog . The most interesting feature and most attractive one also is the Powizjer showing the Polish T.V online, enabling the visitors to travel and not miss a single episode of their favourite series.