Shamita Shetty Showing Her

Shamita Shetty showing her… well the word or rather words to complete the sentence is unshaved p***y. Shocking as it may be the news is not new at all. Tabloids were frantic with the captions like “Shammy shows her fanny” and every possible slang found on earth to describe Samita Shetty’s private organs. This time the picture is clearer enough to be credible. The picture shows Shamita Shetty attending some ceremony with Mahesh Bhatt. I would not have believed the picture had Mahesh not been sitting with Shamita. If Mahesh could film the sexy scenes of Pooja he can certainly make Shamita show her bare vagina to the public at large!

By the way how on earth can somebody be roaming around in mini skirt without wearing panties? Okay she hasn’t worn panties, what mental disorder has resulted in Shamita lifting the miniskirt and that’s too in a ceremony where all the lights are on her. And if it was so, what’s the purpose of wearing the dress all together. Okay the severest version of nymphomania had made her do all that, why has the disease resulted in she being unable to clean the parts.

With all said and done the fact is that the picture has shocked, rocked, and even flummoxed her fans. Shamita Shetty has recently said goodbye to Bigg Brother to attend the nuptials of her sister Shilpa Shetty who had her name written in history and court records kissing Richard Gere.

For my Indian readers the song goes as “Jis ki barri “behen” ho sharabi – “Chhoti” Jo piyay tau kia hay kharabi?!”

Shamita Shetty Showing Her Fanny
Shamita Shetty Showing Her Fanny