Victoria Secret Models Names and Pictures

Victoria Secret Models Names and Pictures hit the search engines today when hot and silky models rocked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with famous and latest sexy undergarments and lingerie’s. Victoria Secret is one of the most famous companies in garments industry, who produces glamorous undergarments for women.

Well, the Victoria Secret is not only famous for the manufacturing and distribution of lingerie’s and ladies undergarments but very popular in introducing new beautiful sexy models as well. They have done their job again by introducing new models with new little garments.

The most interesting and amazing part of the show was appearance of Heidi Klum, who not only showed her commitment but her high professionalism as well. When she appeared the people were shocked to see her in such a beautiful shape again. She just gave birth to her child few weeks back and it was literally amazing that she managed to get back to her almost original shape in such a short time.

Victoria’s Secret is a retail organization for women’s wear.

The story of the Victoria’s Secret is very interesting.

Roy Raymond, a graduate from Stanford School of Business was once went to a department store to shop a Lingerie for his wife and he felt embarrassment while shopping undergarments for his wife due to open environment of the store and he decided to open an outlet for the undergarments for women with safe and easy to shop environment . He opened his first outlet in San Francisco, California in 1977 and provided the safe and private store environment to shop freely.

It was a great idea and it clicked. He opened three more outlets. He also introduced a fashion magazine and later on the fashion show become the identity for VS.

They are so successful that in 2006, the sales of VS stores reached a mile stone of $5billion. This year the Victoria’s Secret Company will definitely be looking to break the previous records.

Victoria Secret Models
Victoria Secret Models