Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail stores in United States. The store has more number of branches in the country than any other retail store. At Wal-Mart you can find almost everything; from healthcare products to beauty products, from apparel to grocery, even electronics. Not just this, keeping in view the consumers needs, Wal-Mart often comes with budget deals which help customers to buy more by paying less. Wal-Mart is one of the biggest stores which is offering generic medicines at discounted rates. More recently, Wal-Mart has offered no-contract cell phones and wireless connections.

Among many lucrative offers provided by this retail giant is Wal-Mart Money Card. Wal-Mart Money Card is a pre-paid debit card designed specially for those who want to avoid big percentages of interest that comes with other credit or debit cards. Its pre-paid nature and low interest rates allow you to avoid all of the interest. Personally, I feel the pre-paid debit card helps you control the habit of over-spending. I have seen many debit card users who spend more than what they can afford due to their post-paid debit cards. That extra spending eventually piles up and makes a big amount of debt which you owe to pay back to the bank. These debts and loans are increasingly becoming a financial burden for numerous Americans now a day. Using a pre-paid debit card, the spending will be limited to the amount which you have loaded in the card. Once the loaded amount is spent, you cannot more unless you load more money in your card.

Wal-Mart Money Cards are acceptable almost everywhere and you can use it on any gasoline pumping station, in any store, and even for online shopping. It is easy to obtain. You can get a Money Card even if you do not have a bank account as, unlike credit cards, the no credit check or employment security is required for Wal-Mart Money Card. Plus, you can get 1% cash backs by shopping at Wal-Mart at every purchase from your Money Card.

Walmart Money Card
Walmart Money Card



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