Where is Haiti Located on the Map?

The current catastrophe of a seven magnitude earthquake has hit the Republic of Haiti, but where is Haiti located on the map? Many people across the globe are quite sad by the incident that occurred the previous night but they actually do not know where is Haiti located on the map?

The Republic of Haiti is situated more or less seven hundred & fifty miles, south-east of FL & barely to the eastern side of the Republic of Cuba. Republic of Haiti inhabits the westerly 3rd of the island of Hispaniola, which it portions out with the Dominican Rep. The Republic of Haiti has a land aggregate of 10,714 square miles. Haiti, an Ind. word implying mountains, is made of exceedingly hilly country of which merely twenty pct of the territorial dominion lies down below six hundred fts. The most high-level mountain in the Republic of Haiti, the Chain de la Sel, is just about nine thousand fts higher up sea level.

The weather conditions in the Republic of Haiti are equatorial with median temp’s ranging from eighty deg. in Jan to eighty-six deg. Within July. There are as well 2 rainy seasons. The 1st runs from Apr to June & the 2nd ‘tween Oct & Nov. Alike in all Caribbean countries, hurricanes are quite usual.

Republic of Haiti’s ecology has been rather significantly tarnished since its independency in the year of 1804. Merely seven pct of the country’s originative forest stays on unharmed by the disforestation. Many of the trees have been cut out as well as utilized as the fire wood for heating up & cookery.

Map of Haiti
Map of Haiti